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Casey Man Kong Lum and Lance Strate (Eds):Perspectives on Culture, Technology and Communication: The Media Ecology Tradition, Hampton Press Communication, 2005

This book is an introduction to media ecology as a theory group that encompasses a coherent body of canonical literature and perspectives on understanding culture, technology and communication. It examines the various facets of media ecology’s development since the turn of the 20th century as an intellectual tradition and how it has evolved into being through an interlocking network of researchers from multidisciplinary backgrounds, such as behavioral sciences; classics, cultural and structural anthropology; information and systems theory; history of technology; media and culture; and so on. Specifically, the volume clearly explains some of media ecology’s defining ideas, theories or themes about the interrelationship among culture, technology and communication; the thinkers behind these ideas; the social, political, and intellectual contexts in which these ideas came into being; as well as how the reader may use these ideas in our times.


Notes Toward an Intellectual History of Media Ecology, Casey Man Kong Lum. The Humanism of Media Ecology, Neil Postman. Lewis Mumford and the Ecology of Technics, Lance Strate and Casey Man Kong Lum. Jacques Ellul: Technique, Propaganda, and Modern Media, Randy Kluver. Ellul as Theologian in Counterpoint, Clifford Christian. Harold A. Innis’ Legacy in the Media Ecology Tradition, Paul Heyer. Marshall McLuhan: The Modern Janus, James C. Morrison. Neil Postman and the Rise of Media Ecology, Thom F. Gencarelli. James Carey: The Search for Cultural Balance, Frederick Wasser. Symbols, Thought and Reality: The Contributions of Benjamin Lee Whorf and Susanne K. Langer to Media Ecology, Christine Nystrom. Susanne Langer’s Philosophy of Mind: Some Implications for Media Ecology, John Powers. The Orality-Literacy Theorems and Media Ecology, Bruce Gronbeck. Typography and its Influence on Culture and Communication: Some Media Ecological Interpretations, Joseph Ashcroft. Epilogue: The Next Generation(s), Casey Man Kong Lum. Author Index. Subject Index.Year: 2005 Pages: 424


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