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Tony Hirst pointed me to a lovely blog by a T189 student. It’s a stunning example of the usefulness of blogging in education. It provides the student with a tool for publication and self-expression, and it provides very useful information for teachers (e.g. in this case about the difficulties T189 students are experiencing with our Flash-based tutorials). I wish more of our students would blog.

Update: Bill Larnach also publishes an interesting blog which often touches on OU-related stuff.


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IMDB Plot Summary for Photos to Send (2002)

In 1954 celebrated photographer Dorothea Lange traveled to rural County Claire in Western Ireland on an assignment for Life Magazine. The photos she took there captured a way of life fast vanishing and a people hardened, but not broken, by poverty and grueling labor. 44 years later filmmaker Dierdre Lynch returned to Lange’s subjects and found that the world of Lynch’s photographs had changed, but that the people, more fragile now and weathered by age, still maintained their vitality and spirit. This loving and sensitive portrait of humanity, by times tragic and bittersweet, yet life affirming, took four years to edit, and the final cut is worth the effort.


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